Farrier Art - The Process

For his furniture designs, Austin uses 100% recycled horseshoes from the horses he has shod. Those horses have been all over Northern Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. First, the nails are pulled from each shoe, and then shined and polished. This process alone takes days as each rocking chair is made from about 180 used horseshoes. Next, the shoes that are still in good form will be kept whole in the furniture while the rest will be put in the forge and straightened by hand. Some will be twisted using his trademarked design. This twisted design sets Austin's furniture apart from any other horseshoe furniture on the market. Lastly, the shoes will be assembled and welded together to form his carefully crafted furniture and sculpted metal artwork. Custom furniture designs are also available upon request.

About Austin

Mark Austin was born and raised in Northern Utah, surrounded by beautiful mountains and countryside. He epitomizes the rugged outdoorsman and believes he was born a century too late. He has a true love for the western lifestyle and American history, especially the history of the Wild West. Mark has been a farrier for the past 25 years and loves the fence-talking type of job. Everyone he meets seems to be a long-lost friend. Mark has also worked as a welder and metal fabricator for the past 30 years. All of his designs are of the most excellent quality.

Contact Austin

For purchase information or to make a custom design request, please contact Mark Austin by phone on Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm, MST, or email him by filling out the form below.


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